what was it that simon once said?

something, something, now exist?

i turned around
and stood on one foot…

ran in place
with arms stretched out

reached into the skies unknowing

ate all my veggies
went to bed

well, homework was a different story . . .

more or less
one day, i was left to tend my own devices

but somewhere along blurred lines converging
i forgot the laws of physics

consciousness then spliced, divergent

simon’s orders fell to silence

maybe it was all just hokey-pokey

nonetheless, misplaced

3 Replies to “Misplaced”

  1. We’d followed other people’s orders all our lives, letting them decide which way our lives should turn, what is and isn’t acceptable, and one day, we wake up, and realized, that doing what we’d been told had not been fitting for us, then, it takes even longer, to strike out on our own, to figure ourselves out, to go our own ways, and, if we’re lucky enough, we eventually, become our own, “masters” in life…


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