Inside My Head

i swear
i wrote you something lovely

positively apropos

i had the ultimate epiphany
pertaining to what should be plainly simple

all that previously had eluded my impaired expression
practically making the words impossible to say

all my past attempts
were pretty much pathetic preludes

sappy sounding
and bumbled like a barnyard boob

so completely obfuscated

loquaciously conspicuous

i hesitate to thus reflect

that you could still respect me
spurs a requisite suspicion

but i am more an optimist
than any kind of skillful skeptic

let me get back to the point

to properly address the paradigm
of my desired profession

would depend upon my referencing
the post-it notes i penned

please, pardon me
it would appear that they are in
my other pocket…

how auspicious it is
that this all took place
inside my head

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