Mine Intention

thou art the envy
of heavenly stars
whose gaze fixed upon thee
reins riotous seas

the soundest of reason
behind rising suns
spurring perilous prose
with auspicious caprice

heedless arils of time
lain afoot, torn asunder

speak poignancy of seed
sowed from soot into sorrow

to yarrow twice plucked
from the pillow of nephthys

in the argent amidst
quietus voids of chaos

i moor as a moon
mired by known nemeses

sired by forces
to suffer in disharmony

it is only thy sophrosyne
rays of redeeming

e’er beaming thy beacon
have i but this voice

though i may be remiss
in this desolate ardor

i pray mine intention
evinces suffice


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