Impossible Eras

and unbeckoned

do eras go by

defined by a feeling

by nature

ne’er to be felt again

outside of slumber

the wonder of fate

juxtaposed against circumstance

peering behind

the paradoxical curtain

where certainty
surely succumbs
to swift ends

each era
a window

into the gestalt

overlooks a vast sea
of subjective experience

in ways

does transition transpire

though rarely surmised

through eyes shone expectant

too often greeted
with bold opposition

despite fortuity’s adamant cries

all of our best efforts

renders us blind

from perches
of hindsight and hubris

ever pondered in past

to a passive existence

this plight

slowly slips through

these paltry and porous paradigms

impossible eras

give pause

for end’s nigh

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