Wishing Death


a revolution
of revelations

a realm
that saw Pandora balk

when prudence beckoned

spoken loud
with furtive tongue

and lead
plunged into stomachs

antiquity of yore
be damned!

unleash the ire
of auric eras

proof no longer proves itself

as pugilists pave roads
to known ends

repugnance once reviled
arrived on time
fresh from the guileless turnstile

to be revered

the fantasy
by a fear-borne conflagration

in exploitative excess

burning eyes
seek rhyme for reason

passion now dispelled

pleads heard passively

“pray, let us perish!”

atop impervious spires of privilege

blind men have no need
for windows

wastrels are not wont to wist

and ignorance
no longer blissful

wishes death
upon the stars

while staring back
from past perspectives

more afraid
though less afar

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