Chrysalid Eclipse

the languor
of our earthen tomb

long looms

its ruinous
quilt upon me

still and all
in swooned repose

i am reprieved

by virtue
of her quiesced poise

and lucent simper’s
supple bloom

which permeates
throughout my wintry lair
of earnest bosom

pearls of porcelain suspend
her visage

bathed upon
my breast’s inhering


far afield
from the temple
where she tempers tender hearth

hence begotten
of unspoken ardor

ne’er shall stand to suffer
the extinguish
of the sated tongue

with all despited

every bated breath
drawn in her stead

remains as slumber
dispossessed of umbral shroud

should a sudden
stellar tempest
pierce these briared boundaries

and upon me
bestow but one lone entreaty

then no weft would
e’er wend

our quite
of chrysalid eclipse

[image credit: Vasily (Wilhelm) Alexandrovich Kotarbinsky]

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