Sempiternal Attestation

in my ardent observations
lies a most disturbing trend
of subsistent dissociation
validating unjust ends

fostered by such foregone fates
alluding to inconsequence
of any measure we might take
in hopes to thus negate their advent

fed to us by corrupt forces
furthering profane agendas
exploiting all known resources
which can never be amended

consciously beyond reconcile
are all scenarios presented
leading us into denial
spurring subconscious self-resentment

stemming from our acquiescence
projected contemptuously
characterizing the essence
of our true pomposity

that anyone would readily succumb
to that which serves their ego
uncovers a conscience numb
that sees and hears yet speaks no evil

as are most things deemed as being
inauspicious to our species
here i am, again decreeing
capitalism’s besieging

any soul not yet usurped
by omnipotent corporate pressure
surely would hereby concur
these words are truth, not mere conjecture!


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