family is a frail facade
of fractured freaks fervidly feigning
fabricated fealty formed from frivoled
flights of fornicating
forced lifelong affiliation
infamy e’er fulminated
infinitely sacrificing self
to keep their egos sated

obfuscating every fathomable facet
of life with conflict
baffled by these fabled feats
performed by deft confabulators
prefacing your plies for triumph
flooding you with doubtful bias
as if having defiled your formative years
with foul influence
didn’t quite fulfill the fervor
transfixed as they saw you suffer

try to put your best foot forward
only to find flakes beseeching
ostentatiously accosting you
with feckless exhortations
inundating you with useless clichés
thus invalidating every aspect
of your individual experience
“family’s family!” shrugging shoulders
“welp, better the devil you know!”
“forgive & forget!”
“brush it off~”

I’ll tell you what boi
I’ma knock that smug expression
right the fuck off your face!

oops! I nearly lost my place~
as I was saying:

soon to find you’ve been forsaken
duly doleful and deflated
all your fears come to fruition
fiendish laughter fills the forum
fingers fixed upon your failings
kinfolk? try de facto finks
nefariously formulating
unaffected subterfuge
facilitating defamation
forestepping fastidiously

fortifying self-defenses
gleeful with anticipation
come the hour of your rebuffing
fielded by their conflagration
fitted for their safe refuting
if you should confront them
disingenuousness proves their safety
feigning ignorance as to the influx of affronts inflicted
following the grave indifference
in their failure to afford you
any form of faculty to foster a prosperous future

when they were so flagrantly fixated
on their own self-interests
flippantly refusing to defer to their fructification
let alone perform the office
from the fallout of their trifling
fact or fiction
they prefer to forge ahead
with fabrication

fibrous is the weft
now wending
spiraling in doom descending
fools forever floundering
effusively in found-confusion
crafting flaunts to taunt
your freedom
feelings fester manifesting
into fatal life afflictions

if they felt the faintest bit familial
things might be different

flash-forward to driftless freedom
felt in formless efflorescing
funereal fantasies
indeed, an unfortunate comfort

failing to confer affection
falling into affectation
finding all your foremost fears
effectuating false reflections
furtive in your suffocating
fighting for such pointless purpose
fraught with farcicalizations
fated for self-flagellation

‘til one fine day
after untold years of grief
and inadvertence

all the superficial factors
fall along the wayward tracks

looking up to see
unflinching tons
of blazing steel and iron
metal clashes metal
as the train shrieks
hissing steam and embers

verity now resonating
more than ever

not a damn thing left
to ponder

here, your ground shall hold

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