Nomenclature’s Foment

hearti(kin drama, us
tin)ctures of (christ
in era y)et fallen
through (eyes + words)

with garish ha(lo

ise* linkens**)
aglow, a(toms latin)ise (jasper

kerk au)spiciously entered
and soon (chronos fer)vidly
slaked with fla(sk nichol

as) (my valiant soul)
had no b(yas sy)mbolically

it wa(s a man, Thaluc
ero)s and (weird weekend’s) (ward

clever) was his (first secret

draft)ed on (a nam)eless shore

still, it was (just

joan) of arc (me)ekly swore
that’s when i r(ann

a cottage), by loo(ks

be th)at, as it was
moored by the gl(aur

o Ra, Phoen
ix)tles wou(n)d
round my gossamer neck

my sight was a mino(taur
using EMI*** ni)ctitation

with ab(ash, “do u glas)sify god?”

i said “no. but my ser(aph
rol in a)sp tear’s radius

a blasphemous vete(ran
a kelly) green worn beret

etched astrobl(eme kao****

fili)greed (flo

raw ora)tory s(marts)

with leimoti(v i shal

dutia)ble, as (the perilous
reading society)’s fortune(s

and stars blo g)usts wayward

revealing such a (finding
kan dee)motivate every (child
of cynicism) sleekly polished

with ban(jo lies
in tic)-tocked drea(ms
jade-li)ke dianthus lament (living
as tan ya)rrow (little bird learns

to fly)te is to flourish
in full-fledged swara(j
dub)bed ledge-leaped freedom

the pande(mick hughes) fill the sky
more ohm t(hann ahm

unroe)mantic fi(ni

cole ly on s)oot-laden kisse(s
d)ismantling ana(malic

I c I
afro st)reets of ol’ (georgia
park)ed neath an amarant(h owl

D.A. vies) ever
to capture the (olde pun

k)nowing that soon
this will all come to close

*ise 異背 – alligator (Japanese)
**linkens – left [transitive] (German)
***EMI – Electro-Magnetic Interference
****kao 顔 – face (Japanese)
∞Bonus oddity – combining 異背 ise with kao 顔 transmorgriphies into 異背顔 [ise-gao], meaning “heterogeneous face”

[image credit: Louis Wain]

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