None for All

this latent flower blooms
unraveled by perception

doldrum drags the languid line
along the distant
dark horizon

scattered bursts
of flinching halcyon light

unheard and unhinged

idly observant
as they lay alone
ensconced in idyll

sidling up to peer
into the fabled looking glass

the unembraceable oblivion

of life
thus being lived

so beguiled
with wide eyes
trained on all aspects extrinsic

thoughts forgo
the burden
of the body’s bound appointment

like sleepless sheep
to slaughter

corralled by the lust for dollar

oozing out of every orifice
in opulence

sated only by the tendered tears
of silent souls exploited

open skies of pending promise
play out in posthumous loops
pandered shamelessly
to pliant pupils
of capitalist coercion
frantically amassing resources
to quell their crippling stupor
stripped of hope found viable
resolved to plastic revolutions

from a “life-like” screen
of liquid crystal coiled confinement

by expectation

shamed into a feigned performance

to a realm
where obsessive
fast replaces sound decision

superimposed sentience

severing all ties
to our humanity
with conscience numbing
calls inciting indignation

egoism inundated

flags emblazoned
with our visage

every fragile fiber
of our poignancy
resigned to toxic piles
of perduring compost

fingers inconspicuously point
our voiceless voids
toward specious Edens

the one and only
chance we ever had was wasted

all for one
and none for all

for nothing is more self-defeating
and consigned to scourge
than that which only serves
the self

and seldom
does this not occur

[image credit: Riera Rojas]


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