Sell Fee

who knows?

if we timed it right
our death
could be
that winning selfie

nothing too contrived

oh heavens no!

death can be so passé
when left in uncouth hands

let us not belittle ours
with hideous allusions
to the failed attempts
of nondescripts
perishing in decidedly unscripted ways

plummetting unceremoniously
from precarious ledges
by mere heedless step

me oh my…

no, we must be mindful
when we execute the monumental moment

there shall be none
of those awkward bystanders
murdering our perfect shot
with their insipid frivoling

we must devise a protocol
to prevent
would-be interlopers

we certainly wouldn’t
allow ourselves to be caught
unwittingly shooting a short video
in lieu of an actual picture

no no!
we might die
of embarrassment!

it will take some time
of course
for we must duly
study this art of dying

on symbolism
for that
is where avant-garde

after which
by rule of artistry
we must wholly disregard

for only the tastemakers
can understand
what is the now

is of the direst importance

should strike
only as an afterthought

when the masses
see this selfie
we want it to be them
they see

the truest mark of flattery
is mimicry

and pray they seek
to follow through

it should be so masterful
that they will be helpless
but to heed its call
and revel its irrefutable glory

every sense
must be aroused
if we are to succeed

such an audience as ours
will likely be as dulled
and senseless
as one would expect

begging us to bear in mind

that they have other sights
yet to see

we must take care
not to falter


let this be the selfie
that launched a hundred thousand homages

i can almost see it now

a swallowed tongue

better yet
a severed one

this calls for
multiple exposures

[image credit: Raquel Stokes]

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