Human Nature*

people’s favorite pastime
is an impudent hypocrisy
in taking it upon themselves
to decry others publicly

for actions and behaviors
which they themselves have exhibited
and will perpetuate
in future times most uninhibited

of all the things that one could claim
as being our condition
nothing quite compares
to our hypocritical inclination

which we’re perfectly content with
so long as we aren’t confronted
but when others are called out
we’re at the front line with our brunt end

but if it should be revealed
that we were in fact mistaken
we ignore our indiscretion
and the person, thus forsaken

it’s an aspect of our species
which we would do well to rectify
sadly, it’s our ego
which allows us to feel justified

excusing any fault within ourselves
without exception
and then crucifying others
for the very same transgression

there is nary one amongst us
who can try to claim exemption
but the fact is that we will
presuming our actions redemptive

there is nothing any one of us
can do or say to stop this truth
aside from not condemning those
who do exactly as we do

for all of us are human
thus beholden to our species’ nature
nonetheless, we should aspire
to redefine our nomenclature

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