Faceless Book

o faceless book of folly
let us wallow
in your winsome wiles

truth is such a tortured realm
that begs to be forsaken

let these fingertips devise
a world devoid of diminution

fostered by the unseeing eye
of conscious cries removed

let these ghastly thoughts transpose
into a prose
for ghosts to ponder

perchance to respond
with validation
through availed volition

surpassing the toll
of midnight
gloaming veil
not of the moon

glimpses of escape evincing
of ruinous states

cast away the queues of inquest
don the light
of furtive affect

drowning in the arms of comrades
safely tucked away
from fear

languish in allure like-minded
“dislike” but a maddened myth

should an outlier dare to burden
block them
with a keystroke swift

orchestrate an infrastructure
free from views that contradict

thus secluded
synthesize the sympathies
of narrative fit

faceless book, pray hear this implore
save us
from our soulless selves

sinking ships of selfish carriage
stranded lifeboats


[image credit: George Barbier]


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