Maiden Song

my consciousness unraveled
under gravity’s conundrum

ivory wands
of autumn blossoms brooding

effused the words
that toppled my world

upon my heart transparent

as i heard them ring
in cherried kisses
of wistful chime

to shore upon a disparate ponder

once again

the abandoned aril’s precious plight

such beauty nonpareil
begs bittersweet

blusters beckoning
the mem’ries blurred

when i wandered
in my shadow’s doubt
through balsam hills
of rolling ochre

determined to seize the vanishing flare
of dusk abrade

before its veiled taunting
from round the vitrified bend

in crept clusters of celeste

it was there that my perils would come to rest
nestled amid swaying tresses

swelling into lustrous clouds

where i clutched the wrath of heaven’s bane

daring its pallid complexion

pittanced by modest compare

the well of woes
in witless poise
composing wisps
to cast asunder

gave sopor pause

to reap the sorrows
lost in rapturous contempt

sown of captured sins
from promises once sworn
athwart of breast

folding into blessed ruin
to pique the peering skies of scorn

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