A Dream Comes True

last night
i watched a faceless moon
to the silence

a stillness
seized all hope
for reason

astral lustre
burned as rust

through my eyelids
clasping winter

i could still yet see
the onset

creeping forth
like legless lepers

moaning incantations
from their lacerated tongues

my name was spoken

slivers slowly pierced
and prodded

godless as i was
i prayed

to emptiness

come save this soul

then the ground
grew teeth so hideous

was there left to hide

putrid breath
arose below me

never had i known such terror

this would be the end

stubborn as a wayward mule
if it was that blood should spill

i resigned
by my hand only
as my dagger swiftly moved

haunted cries
were counted many

on the day
when madness struck

in a queue of public squalor
blood became the unseen walls

[image credit: Jan Toorop]


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