Our Condition

this dream that teems with emptiness
is one I know so well
for it permeates the essence
of existence

despite how it may seem
on the surface of this shell
its reality looms ever
in the distance

the laughter that you hear
is the mirror reflecting tears
transmutated by a diligent subconscious

even when I smile
it is to subjugate my fears
in a world where judgment rules
such fools as Pontius

if I appear serene
it is only to belie
every tempest ever brimming
from within

the depth of this despair
has breached the realm beyond repair
and it’s all that I can bear
not to give in

the worst might never be
save to say this lonesome curse
will afflict the hearts of all
who dare exist

that we will never know
any truth by what is shown
the disgrace of our condition
e’er persists

5 Replies to “Our Condition”

  1. “the laughter that you hear,is the mirror reflecting tears,transmutated by a diligent subconscious”…. Max, you always hit the perfect note! I swear, reading your words are like a reflection I must close my eyes to see…

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