As Sure As Flesh Weeps Crimson

i awoke

sodden with the somber dew
felled by gross iniquity.

women, men
both elder and youth.

strangers, friends
both able-bodied and ailing.

human beings.
with goodness
of heart
and keenness
of mind.

their very freedom
infringed upon
in this “land of the free”.

for fear had stricken
and butterflies took to wing.

wrested the weary.
their minds
folding inward
’til ingress gave way.

and here it is
we stand.
on the precipice
of definitive salvation.

if we are to evolve,
it is only
through love

that we should breach
the heavens.

as sure as flesh
weeps crimson,
no other fate
shall see us


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