My Hero.

I don’t know who this wonderful man is, nor do I know who took this photograph.  What I do know is that this world needs more people like this. On a side note, as if the very symbolism of being homophobic weren’t projection enough, ya gotta love how they would feel so compelled as to actually depict this “sin” to which they are so emphatically ~opposed~, as part of their ≈protest≈ signage.  Oddly enough, judging by the dubious depiction, it would seem as to reflect the homophobe’s innermost desires… The mere thought that any person would imagine a “god” that would “hate” any person is so fucking ludicrous and disturbing it’s no wonder we’re all despondent.


10 Replies to “My Hero.”

  1. The world is so much more exciting and beautiful when good people have the balls to stand up and say, publicly and loudly, Fuck This Guy. So perfect. It’s excellent. Bring punk back. It’s needed. The attitude at least, maybe not the heroin. But that’s off-topic. Glad you posted this.

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    1. when a person lives to adhere to arbitrary servitude to that which conflicts with the very core essence of the boundless organic love that is intrinsic to all human beings and creatures alike, there is no greater affront to their existence than those with the strength, courage, and character to live and love freely. As much as discriminatory people enrage me, i ultimately feel great pity for them and their wretched, loveless shackles of irrelevance to which they are so vehemently bound to with such delusion. believe me though, that i would absolutely hold that sign up. in fact, this just gave me the idea to make just such a sign to carry in my trunk with me so that i will be able to do just that, at all times. thank you for giving me such an idea

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