Surface Tension

In transient thoughts of our truths sent to exile

Urgent as molten earth, looms at dawn’s hour

Sediments layered in shades of complexity

Granules composed of her prismed epistles

Dissembled semblances seep through the surface

In whispered epiphanies sown of the hearth

Beckon this consciousness in blaring eclipse

So futile are all motions clamoring banishment

Symphonies reign as crescendos cry skyward

Her name doth ascend where height fears no silence

So lucid the path has lain forthright and linear

Transpicuous impetus lifts sunken tread

Should words not express bemused skies revolve timeless

Such sorrowful drops would cut vales through the brow

When sudden a shattering wretched shriek stricken

Streams forth a faint filament brimming abound

And ardent illusions felled softly in flicker

Now shepherd this shackled breast cleft in clement


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