To Exist

Chaotic echoes linger from distant realms
All that has existed in this patch of land
Exists now in the absence of time

In between every extreme contained within the spectrum
Moments thought to diminish, yet languish in the void
Intangible essences endlessly spiral inward

All progression remains relative to the mind
Molded by our perception’s indoctrination we stumble onward
In futility we grasp at pieces we no longer see

Time is the abstract mechanism that diminishes all
Helpless are we to protest its insistence
Haplessly deconstructing the construct of existence

All that is at once is as good as naught
Fraught with fantasies of infinite repetition of consciousness
But particles disperse and coalesce without prejudice

Through visions evolving, dissolving with precision
We ponder with purpose what the surface conceals
Revealing only that which we can comprehend

Bound by our own paltry perspectives
The perpetual plight of reflective introspection
Through inflections of or intrinsic inability

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