Dashing Dots Upon Infinity’s Infamy

here are we so precarious of perch
lurching forth with netted nonchalance
the implication of the hourglass holding steadfast
flashing to and fro in temporal turmoil
each instance a siphon upon our soul
folding our feelings of fallen conceptions
into sediment we so soon forget
the decadence of our ignorance
arrives with haste to come calling
some things it seems are not aligned
with this portion of permanence set into stone
stolen by a stubborn notion
so potent, relentless in persistence and plausibility
soon shall these sands slowly swallow
my countenance, eroding the shoal
surfacing in ashen artifacts of astral assimilation
dashing dots upon infinity’s infamy
disbanded formations of static stratae
strewn about to conformity’s constructs
commencing descent into vortical conclusion


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