Sun & Moon

once i held a heart, compelling
fervent wells of fleeting flight
desert stars would swallow words
as hours sifted through the glass

wandered through the glacial meadows
dwarfed by redwoods reaching sun
that they might alight with flames
to usher in the dawn’s refrain

stood on salted shores that stored
the startings of a siren’s song
longing for the shadow’s shifting
solitude of duties wrought

in those days of passioned plight
sights set on the looming bend
tender tears had soaked my shoulder
fallen from her anguished mien

unabashed pleas of pining
crashing into crumbling rock
placid waters, motion lacking
listless as the last long kiss

still, i would walk in those steps
till time should breach the black horizon
in a realm where forms are free
from frivolously guarded guise

how we stand and face this void
belies the eyes that felled my truth
quelled by thoughts of quietus
we cycle as the sun and moon


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