A Simple Moment Passes By

A simple moment passes by
I may never know these feelings again
Were that I could embrace this heart
And capture its pulse in some less apparent form
As I move through this existential void
I am privy to but a single experience
In spite of the infinite inferences that lay hands upon the unknown
My own scented landscape of which I taste and listen upon
These chemical reactions composing the truth of all I know
I try with all that I am given to grasp at the world external
Reaching out to all and none
Ardently scrutinizing with every sense I command
Alas, these truths remain a hazardous guess
Patiently I piece together remnants from my own components
Stitched with the meandering trail dust I have lain afoot
Bolstered by expressions I can only wish to assume
What contorted monstrosities I must exude
I know only my own reality yet it remains obscured
What abomination must the world behold
I shudder to imagine such horrors
Hastily I stumble in a motion to regain composure
For all that I imagine will never stay in any one form
There will not be another who should step into my solemn soul
Solitude remains the one consistency I cannot undo
Yet it forever binds my truth to every living thing
And in this my connection is understood
That which separates our solitary sentience
Weaves our existence together, loomed only with love


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