please don’t try to talk to me

can’t you see i just want to be left alone?

what’s makes you hold such regard

for the pleasure of you company?

are you suffering from communicative dissonance?

no, i will not look into your eyes

i did everything i could to avoid you

the audacity of your presumption appalls me

what unfathomable circumstance must you have suffered

to lead you to such a state of misapprehension?

why is it that you persist so ardently?

were you raised by a pack of wild wolves?

you’re precisely the reason i dare not venture out

it’s people like you that make it so

people like me cannot function in society

please stop talking

i’m not listening to a word you’re saying

don’t you have anything better to do?

how do you not understand this?

any person with half a mind would have gotten it by now

you must have it really bad for me

god! you’re so pathetic! please go away already!

now you’re really starting to piss me off

don’t make me do something we’re both gonna regret

that’s it! now you’ll understand what i mean once and for all!

i’m sorry what was that? your foot?

i’m standing on your foot?

why didn’t you just say so in the first place?



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