Leggo Your Ego

once again it is your friend named maximillian
sending forth my message to forgo virilium
take that frail pathetic ego put it on the shelf
for history has proven it’s the bane of global health
everything it’s taken far exceeds any returns
for all that it has done has set our every bridge to burn
connecting us to any shred left of humanity
it flourished in the darkness of our own duality
corrupted every heart with greed and self-serving regard
entrusted in the hands of men who sought to own the stars
with ample resources to educate and sate the world
they chose instead to hoard wealth in their pockets lined with purl
reaching heights unknown atop mountains made of bodies
quiet desperation of the masses’ misery
toiling til the only freedom they would ever know
granted their release from the eternal push and tow
the moral of my rhyme is one of simple consequence
focus your heart only on that which bears relevance


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