fellow fools
of fallow mind
and forlorn affectation

fraught with filial arrogation

failed by ill-foundation

framed by feelings
fostered through aloof defenestration

father-figures flaunting ever-fleeting fugitation

fraudulent confederates
enfeebling salvation

fomenting self-loathing-atmospheric-flagellation

suffered in the confines
of an infinite confusion

stifling thy fervor
ere forever fell to reason

folding into fetal failures

father’s fragile ego-fodder

fumbling to lift thyself up
through a phantom-like imposter

woefully conforming
for the comfort of false heroes

deftly deconstructing
default states of disrepair

fear no more
forgo thy moral code
with condemnation

for to give a fuck
facilitates the fuck that’s taken

though family is but fantasy

let life not be forsaken


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