what happened today

i had finished mining some garnet
and having amassed quite a load
i called for my ride
but was sadly denied
for some reason
they chose to forgo

it dawned on me then
to call uber
in spite of my dirt-laden clothes
the driver showed up
and was like, what the fuck?!
and insisted that I should disrobe!

at this point
my haul was so heavy
along that precarious turn
a choice was then made
my attire was relayed
to his trunk
though i felt somewhat spurned

and in that rear view
of revealing
my muscles did glisten
with sweat
i swear that his eyes
nearly doubled in size
and my soul did feel
heavily pet

at last, when that long ride had ended
i climbed out the back seat
half nude
my neighbors did sigh
at the scene they did spy
heaven knows
what they must have construed…


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