I can feel the love
or is it drugs…

well, does it really matter?

if I take a pill
to gain a skill
or reacquaint with laughter

if I find emotion
in the ocean
of an empty chalice

are my feelings
any less appealing
are they then invalid?

tell me, if I tope
to help me cope
must it beg your opinion?

can’t I tie a rope
around my neck
free from misapprehension?

how can one dismiss another
thinking their existence disparate

quiet desperation
is a lonesome fate
not fit for living

if we could amend
this tragic trend
of dubious conviction

we might then be free
from the pathology
of compensation

until then, we both will wear our nooses
of a different choosing

thinking one another
to be victims of some grand illusion

subjecting all others
to the wrath of our uninformed judgments

fancying ourselves
the arbiters of ethical injustice

how could any person
with a heart and soul
forgo reflection

i suppose it is our human nature
to bear such affliction


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