Lingering Rose

how does one allude
to a notion elusive

as though it may be

when only the vastness
of uncharted skies
could infer
what such words
would bespeak

the paradox
of her simplistic complexity

echoes the nature
of stars

rapt amid astral throes
sown existentially

wistfully watched from afar

the boundless aberrance
that once suffered naught

would find wisdom
by river’s succumb

imparting a most profound realization

as pain sprung to art

rung by rung

a soundness of heart
filled forever with fervor

seeps into dissilient phrase

of wayward unwindings
in wandering search

for the idyll
of implicit stay

within this
unspoken availing

lie peals of implore
by peril of impose

pressed between parchment
with florid allure

to whisper the scent
of a lingering rose


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