paradox of trust

to be misunderstood
defines the state
of the human condition

regardless of the inference
of cosmic implicit connection

the infinite array
of instances begging misapprehension

fueling such misconstrual
duly defies comprehension

trust becomes a paradox
through idealistic obfuscation

lost in narratives
appearing aberrant through false perception

any existing exception
seems a happenstance deception

trust may very well be but a dissonant cognitive function

bounded by the merit
of one’s personal associations

founded in the influence
of formative indoctrination

pendulously poised upon the precipice
of free expression

perilous in its appeal
to one’s apparent predilections

prefaced by supine professions
pandered in an open forum

therein lies the rub
inherent to surrogate affectation

trust cannot be given
to a mere phantom manifestation

ergo, we may err in our attempts to show discrimination

unwitting as heirs to circumstances begetting vexation

seeing how this is the fate one forms of their own reservation

any thought beyond this
is an exercise inefficacious

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