when you said
you wish
to be a cat as well

i somehow knew.

through the sentiments

I beheld a hidden truth.


i understood
a feeling
whence we shared

this arbitrary burden

through the briars
of despair

a sense of self

by the merit
of your words

for time has not forsaken
what your spirit
now confers

the stirring
of the starts

our fervent hearts
can never quell

though quietus awaits
its impetus
henceforth, dispelled


2 Replies to “L E”

  1. Because how hard life sometimes gets, we have the tendencies to believe, that it would be easier, if we were, someone, or something else, but, being someone or something else, have it’s downsides too, we just, don’t know it, because, we are, not living as the things or other people…


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