*rolls eyes*

incessantly inundated with an influx of frustrating idiotic arbitrary processes impossibly imposing on the nature of simplicity explicitly insidious inflicting toils unnecessary through dubious ceremony pandered as obligatory poisoning our psyche with such virulent devices bearing down on our subconscious mind and grinding down what fibrous weft we’ve left to e’er hold on to as we dangle from this dangerous ledge bereft of our humanity absconded by our primal fears and predisposed susceptibilities to words that would endear assaulting our most fragile sensibilities via machines produced to tie the noose around the essence of our hopes and dreams for nothing more than pacifying pompous pricks of argent aging staging through indoctrination
factious acquiescent waves of overwhelmed uneducated ignorant degenerated masses so demoralized they neither think nor act on the behalf of things that once held meaning their emotions relegated to the reliquary of our own squandered humanity as vanity prevails and empathy reduced to pithless pittance one can scarcely muster one last lingered outcry of good riddance!

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