y u gotta be so spiteful
what makes u so fucking special
where did u get the impression that ur pain precedes all others

will u ever comprehend this
reciprocity so crucial

how can u not show compassion
then proclaim ur presence precious

disregarding the existence
of extrinsic experience

u display as solipsistic

sentiments supposed as disparate

who r u 2 demand redress
what makes u feel so entitled

pray that i should perchance take pause
proving but paradoxical
in this specious supplication

lo, perhaps ’tis my perception
as per this pathetic prosy

i recall, colloquial affect
most acutely loquacious

drastic is this dichotomy

gen-x 2 anachronistic

. . . what was my point 2 begin with?

ah, yes, 2 squander the moment

(listens) . . .

“y u masochistic?”

and this, quittance of comeuppance


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