ode to existential homeostasis

i tried to explain

but my brain
took a powder

a clowder of kittens commenced

my tongue they did stay

not a word could escape

and i was thus denied

for the dolor accrued
solely by the accord
of a vapid world
duly intent

to inflict its grave wrath
on this perilous path

with a virulent vigor
no less

a curse, by all means
it would seem

a somatic wrest rightly ensued

knowing not what to do
i bid what i had done

as the sun gaily did
run me through

there, i said
in dismay

at the closing of day

neath a langorous lull
of lament

whence yore languid
i laid

in a pool of malaise

ever moored
to a fate somnolous

One Reply to “ode to existential homeostasis”

  1. We all have that moment in our lives, we feel, that we’re, completely, powerless, over what is happening to our lives, and we can just, sit, and wait, for everything bad to surpass, eventually…


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