What Is Known

just try to hide from hypervigilance
hijacking your every thought
for negligence e’er nigh begets
the desperate measures realized to compensate
for the disparity of that which should have been
but wasn’t

see if you can circumvent the sequelae
of your affliction
usurping your disposition
prefacing the painting
through a palette of dissociation

won’t you disregard the residuum of mother’s machinations
molding minds into masses of crass martyrized masochisms

don’t forget the fleeing father
foregone by the crux of ego
deafened by the primal fears effectuating mis-conception

get over the degradation flagrantly inflicted by them
sweep this ruinous existence right under that ragged rug

brush off all the ashes gathered
falling from the burning bridges
walk the void left by their voices
flourish in the conflagration

show me a conflict of interest
that depicts one reason why life is to be something
only justified by fantasies of false ideals

let’s just be real
in vying to compartmentalize the emotions of which life is comprised
we are denied our intrinsic right to simply be just what we are
mere humans moored by massive stars

this fibrous weft weaved by our wands
will not support our wonted ways

through worshipping a golden god
we foster lives formed of facades
which denigrates our precious souls
and this, as much, is what is known


9 Replies to “What Is Known”

      1. being that we share a synchronicity, i posit that both are correct. and curse wordpress for not allowing us to edit our own comments. i find it decidedly bizarre that we are given the capability to edit comments left by others, though

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