With Forgiveness

the pen applies pressure

another pin drops

smoke-addled sheets glow dull
by the piercing

and this pill bottle pillow
will not stop depleting

falling behind
in my faint affirmation

felt quaint
for a time
ere the choice was enshrined

in the cistern that once kept
a lone shelf sericious

the everlasting symbol
of souls dispossessed

a relic
of semblant self-bastardization

now stripped
of its nuance

in white light evinced

burning sooth to the touch

like a trembling torch
treads the catacombs of consciousness

chasing each thread
to its one and only known end

like the sins sung
for higher

the hour knew
my name

it was he
whose idle hands and bared arms
bore me witness

and i
who must writhe
with forgiveness

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