if you’ve ever been so kind
to take your time of precious resource

reading any of my silly rhymes
comprised of my life’s discourse

then i must regale you
of the scale and scope of my true feeling

such tremendous gratitude
and tears imbrued upon my being

for i so appreciate
that you would make this lovely gesture

which, in many ways
would seem to validate my pointless efforts

hence, let it be known
for anyone to show consideration

is a kindness of the likes
with which i’m mostly unacquainted

being as we are
composed of stars subject to random sequence

unfolding with circumstance untold
and fates not earned obsequent

it is but a miracle
gleaned of empirical conclusion

one could ne’er foretell
this aquarelle of infinite illusion

by which, i attest
to feeling blessed, indeed, i find it touching

that, despite the stress
duress, and desperate vies with which we’re clutching

onto this fleeting affair
which, dare i say, is one ephemeral

that anyone would give
part of the life they live is quite wonderful

i would be remiss
were i to let this thought go unattended

rest assured
to fail would be a matter which could not be mended

therefore, i must stress on
my expression of appreciation

for the priceless sum
of all you’ve done through your participation

whereupon reflection
our connection is found most apparent

granting me a solace
which abolishes my worries errant

I now bid adieu
as I conclude in my desire to thank you

were I not so prude
damn it! it’s true, i’d be inclined to spank you!


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