As We Ponder

the sunlight
beyond sight

to gather at the morrow’s edge

where sorrowed songbird’s painted petals

one by one
in time will wither

waking hours
awash with wonder

quietly succumb to stillness

skillful are the stars then hung
as they had been
each night
before us

scholars and sages alike
insist on their furtive persistence

by their lives, convinced
they flicker but for us alone

skyward scenes
are seen reflected
flawlessly in placid waters

surface, once besieged by pebble
ripples verity surreal

assured surrender
of familiar form

even our most sacred truths
on erstwhile stages
wax mesmeric

played out before rapt visages

visions evade reconciling

perhaps most beauteous of all
are blossoms
unbeknownst of impulse

layman’s waver, unallayed

aloft a living
veiled illusion

lost amid its grandeur
as we ponder its allusive lure

[image credit: unknown]

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