Omnipotent Idealogues

~if we could fold
into the sum

of some old grand illusion

bold as fools
and humble thirst

not plundering disperse
in pools of lucid
shun to ignorance

dragging our accursed rake
to rend the land
for commandeering

~if we took flight
as subtle songbirds
soaring on the wings of chance

what perspective we might gain
through glimpses of aeolian wake

ne’er again
a stranded string
of vanity’s arresting fear

~if we could breach
the great beyond

free from the slaking hand
of penance

vested by our own volition

vanguards of our votive’s fate

~if we took only from ourselves
to give to all
sans expectation

no more alms
of disparate well

compelled by impetus impure

-surely, we would face a rude awakening

thusly sobered
from unbounded hypnic states

our thoughts default

to vaunting
of our ego’s penchant

and id’s wonting

choosing to forgo consideration
of our fellow human beings
for the sake of ideologies

without resolve

reign long

omnipotent idealogues

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