Kicketh Swift

if true thou art a man
thy balls deserve a kicketh swift
without needeth for inquiry
i duly must submit

for many an affront
man hast rent against womankind
speaking bluntly
each man shouldst beest kicked a thousand times!

one mustn’t beg a scholar
nor a mystic to prepare
the impetus which urges forth
a man who wouldst forswear

it shouldst beest understood
how the male ego is a force
that is as one and the same
as the penis, but of course!

which thusly doth imply
’tis e’er beholden to his id
but dareth not alloweth us
to allay his plaintive bid

the scroll holding the record
which describes man’s sexist crimes
would ne’er cease its unfolding
’til it hath reached the end of time

if thou wouldst serveth fools
as an apologist for men
i hereby dost forsake thee
i calleth no knave my friend

presume no expectation
i needeth pray pardon me
and stayeth thine indignation
such is woman’s, i decree


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