Junction City

down the interstate
the sun will come
to bare

every burden
born of shame

to abandon
in a wayward rest stop

staring out
into the foliage
of parallax procession

and the unknowing reflection
only secrets dare to share

this day shall beg
no tears of wistful tinge
to mind its toll

rearranged to places


reduced to expectations

fixed on anywhere
but here
for anything but this

what more had i
to give

when i was stealing from your
bag of nickels

dragging was my leaden pocket
just to purchase
dollar trinkets


for you

with a face of stone

i had one wish
to see you smile…

barrelling in Swedish boxes
set to rust
and silver-bullet

barely tethered
to the trolley
unable to cease

but the dead horizon

chasing lies
through trials
of error

maybe this time
walls would find the strength
to keep the front-door hinged

praying just to stay
the buzzing streetlight
with a rubber arm

high atop the jagged driveway
dusted winds
disheveled gusts
of pins and needles

worlds would
never bear to witness

gathering on rows
of mason jars
with green bean
peach and cherry

forced inside

pounding hearts
with mirror fists

kissed and tucked in tight
cried out fear beneath the pillow

and this
was goodnight

the last i saw
were furtive jaws of iron
winced with oxidation

littering the fields
of overgrown dried fescue
time too soon forgot

toeheads to the tune of two
narratives told passive

now stowed away

where only ghosts remain


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