Your Worst

why can’t you
just fucking chill

you got the pill
you wanted

or are you just
a malcontent

on causing misery

maybe i’m ridiculous
a fool
for fools

a ruthless martyr

charting maps
to places
which no longer
still exist

how is it
that once you’ve reached the goal
your whole demeanor changes

when only seconds prior
you were moribund

one might think you a liar
shamelessly manipulating
tenuously disingenuous
i trust
you see this too

with antics airing petulant
so tired and uninspired

it’s a wonder
how you stay committed
to the very death

perhaps the most depressing aspect
to your known affliction
is the fact
that it is written
on the cemetery walls

such a passe paradigm
maligns your inner beauty
it seems your duty
to submit to its behest

swallowing the flames
i ponder
why i wallow in surrender

knowing all the while
i am no better
than your worst


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