Intimately Detached

in this age of artifice through digital effacing
every day we pay a ransom unbeknownst to all
on the surface, it would seem to simplify our commune
by granting us unprecedented access from afar

to audiences varied and of infinite potential
we can state our case to massive crowds without a face
frolick inside forums which facilitate concealment
elicit sympathy from those born of similar fates

countless lonely people searching for human connection
inundate the platform where we socially conspire
internet romance across the world is efflorescing
sadly, with an underlying disconnect most dire

when in our possession lies the power of controlling
the elements which normal interaction would forbid
disconcerting is our wont to give into temptation
acting on the urgent whims and impetus of id

forgoing the superego, forsaking discretion
shedding social inhibitions of our better nature
unaccustomed to repeated strokings of our ego
clouding our perception ’til the self becomes unknown

slowly we succumb to an insidious comeuppance
losing sight of every value once dear to our heart
gone with the allure of avenues of new attention
behaviors we deemed abhorrent, we now represent

human beings thus reduced to means of entertainment
strung along on chains of multitasking sans regard
dangling the carrot of romantic affirmation
just enough to keep unwitting pawns from calling out

whittling away their self-respect as they lay waiting
on asynchronous responses thought to be abreast
under the illusion of affectionate allusions
fostering a pretense of contingency bereft

if we truly have devolved into such vaunting vampires
sated only by extrinsic veils of validation
sought from sycophants pandering to our disposition
how can we expect any connection to occur

intimacy cannot be attained through afterthought
juggling a mass of friends and lovers on the fly
it requires a dedicated focus, second nature
presence in the moment, pray without wondering why

[image credit: Takabatake Kashou]

5 Replies to “Intimately Detached”

  1. Wow. I was seriously pondering all of this yesterday. Not as brilliantly as this, of course!
    I am still thinking about it. I might come back and leave another comment, most likely an edited after thought. 😁
    This reminded me of something my husband read a few years ago, a study done on depression, and the effects of looking at the face of a loved one for at least an hour every morning (in person, gasp). Positive effects, that is. (ie, not one of these 😜…although, these are pretty cute 🐨. But definitely not these 🎭).


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