FUCK. i hate that vapid social media inspired expression
for it’s antithetical to my beliefs in every aspect

fuck your trite, banal suggestions
tailor fit to suit excess

the essence of existence is organic by nature
not of informed contrivance
thriving on planned obsolescence
and surreptitiously intrusive analysis
of every molecule of our daily minutiae
if you would please mind your business
as opposed to that of mine, perhaps i could then relax
but i suppose that my “business” is your impetus
incessantly devising channels
of collusive machination
desperately masterminding plots
to gain my undivided attention

hoping to be validated purloining my pittanced earnings
ceaselessly you inundate ~consumers~ with covert manipulation
dignity, it seems, has gone the same way of integrity
along with honesty, respect, and simple human decency

witness now the devolution
through our basest degradation

exploitation carried out
by our complacency’s compliance

captives of controlling forces
fostered by the fears we cherish
should we perish
all the world would crumble into dust forsaken

such a state of indignation
ego masks our greatest failing:

knowledge of our human nature,
plague of ever looming horrors.

~trending~ is just the beginning
tidings trained on influencing

truth is not begotten through lies vocalized ad infinitum.

if it was that we could ever descry what is, in truth, ~trending~
we might not survive the overload of such abstruse injustice
wreaked upon our weakened states of tenuously held conviction
culminating into such acute compartmentalization
formed of senseless rationalizations based on circumvention

ignorance no longer is a viable excuse for treason
fleeing from responsibility ploying to shift the burden
there must come a point at which we draw the line defining ethics
thus avowing our humanity or shameful lack thereof
no longer will we abdicate the causal factors of our fate

for noble truth requires no headline
as it airs self-evident
there is no precedent thus needed
to affirm its relevance
what hope do we have for conclusion
lest we furnish sound decisions

found beyond the schisms of mass media-driven illusion

fuck every inane distraction
doling dubious semantics
look at what occurs when we allow
ourselves to get entangled
“covfefe” trended in a spectacle so grand wresting the nation
scarcely did we notice the affront afflicting Mother Nature
by a fucking idiot who redefines the nomenclature
of the very word with his absurd bids to destroy our culture

honestly, what terrifies me most lies in the fact
that had we been aware
we likely would have seen the same degree of apathy
amongst the general public
unable to see beyond his vulgar rhetoric of petulance

let me now apprise you of the truth, which, for myself is ~trending~
suicidal idealization triggered by the ceaseless duress
of demoralization, disillusionment, chronic depression,
dehumanization, paranoia, feelings of dejection,
cognitive dissonance from a lifetime of dissociation,
neverending affronts of existential invalidation,
persecution, indignation, soporose inebriation,
complex PTSD, isolation, operose avoidance,
ADHD, bipolar-both I and II, pellucid moments
fraught with such a gripping sense of hopelessness
from bearing witness to such egregious injustice
on display in vulgar incarnations of flagrant sexism,
buorgeoism, law enforcement killing black men,
Nazis framed by euphemism, supposition,
sanctioned sectarianism, church-protected molestation,
privilege of depraved rich white men, unabashed bigotry by tax-exempt so-called ~religions~,
rape culture, police states, prisons run by private institutions, war veterans disgraced, dishonored, exploited, and then forsaken, private-run health care industry designed to extort our dollar withholding the care required by disenfranchised citizens, fraudulent affronts by fascists falsely claiming communism, brazen systemic racism, ethically bereft opulants, omnipresent corporate-ties to every single fucking construct, dismissive attitudes at even vague allusions to such problems, how the fuck is anyone not outraged
to the point of action

really, what i mean to say is communist armed-revolution
(true communism, not the grave misapprehension, “communism™”)
even as a pacifist i understand that such time has come
lest we acquiesce at the behest of heedless corporations

proven without fail as being beholden to corrupt agendas
any means to justify the ends of planet-wide destruction
there’s no way to reconcile nor comprehend these truths before us
even if what’s ~trending~ sends a message of resounding chorus

[image credit: Livio Abramo]

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