Damn it!

today has been a shitty day
indeed, far shittier than most
if only i could smoke this weed
perhaps it would restore some hope
you see, against my better sense
i let my roommate hit my bong
and just like every other time
he broke that shit and moved along
so i resorted to my trusty pipe
but there was so much resin
no matter how hard i tried to suck
no hit was ever present
so i grabbed a paper-clip
and tried my best to clear the passage
naturally, i broke the bowl
subconsciously, this, i did presage
then i had remembered that old metal piece
from back in the day
after rummaging through my desk drawer
i found it to my dismay
it was disassembled
and the most important part was missing
without which there was no point
and this i had found most distressing
then i spied an old coke can
which i soon learned was full of piss
once again my roommate struck
with his repulsive carelessness
thinking it was hopeless
i decided to peruse the fridge
whereupon i saw an apple
perched atop an old cheese wedge
quickly i had bored two holes
to meet right in the apple’s center
placed a nugget of my weed
but then i could not find my lighter
with a sigh of great relief
it turned out to be in my hand
then i proceeded to inhale the biggest hit
i ever had

oh my fucking god!
what was i thinking?
this is just the worst!
once again my lack of foresight
has resulted in this curse
of static wrest from catatonic states
from which there’s no escape
as paranoid anxieties and thoughts
begin to inundate
my mind thus turning into mush
incapable of basic function
instantaneous regret
and unrelenting hypertension
fuck! i got the munchies
but there’s nothing i can do about it
i can barely formulate a single thought
and not thus doubt it
my entire body has since turned to stone
voice rendered silent
why the fuck can’t i remember
not to smoke this horrible shit!?

[image credit: Anna Hollerer-Wischin]


3 Replies to “Damn it!”

  1. Maybe, all of this that’s happened to you today, is a sign, that you should, quit smoking pot altogether, after all, these substances aren’t good for you for the long run, and there are, some undesirable short-term side effects too…


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