State of Stasis

that’s just it.

when the quality of life
becomes so diminished

that existence itself
becomes prohibitive

when hope is no longer
an option

a privilege

a choice

when the only thing
allowing for continued existence

are dissociative mechanisms
which have reached such a point
in their pathology

that it bastardizes
every tool
with which one needs to simply function

at the most fundamental level.

all one can do

is to not.

to not live.

i need to die.

but i do not want to die.

this much is absolute.

[image credit: František Kobliha]


3 Replies to “State of Stasis”

  1. Something so many are talking about yet you execute it better than most. The format, the word choice. And it’s not preachy, as I think I make the mistake of doing sometimes, just a really moving description. Thank you.


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