when i feel
that faint vibration

hearken from forsaken nature

sudden darkness

terror sheer

arrest my person

are pending horrors

worse than that

unwitting silence

whispered cancer

spitting death

i will not
ever answer

there’s no need
to leave a message

you can presage your doom

but i’m home right now

organizing my states
of displeasure

measuring this misery

calculating the conditions
of my systematic masochism

not so much

in truth
i am detached
from each day

dreaming up
ideals to upload

fervent feels
erode my station

a life awaits

grant me
for one fleeting moment

but what i am

maybe i can find the beauty
through its bastardized facade

pass it off
in profane pennings

i hope this all will end

one would think
of this magnitude

would prelude
such deserved fate

[pictured: Viktor Tsoi]


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