if only the winds of change
would carry me beyond this station

where i have long remained
an apparition unaffected
by my own inadequacy

a labored vessel vacillating
its purpose now invalid

with lucid vision
i recall
the pendulum’s release
from the servitude of our perceptive squalor

to separate the seasons
with a force of unrest
fierce as reason

bound and bitter days
played to my head
odes of the organ grinder

slowly dragging brailled notations
over beds of structured rods
with patience
wrought of ore
and tempered into tertiary tones

hearkening the memories
gathered upon lost shores

3 Replies to “Hearkening”

  1. How divinely you express your inner thoughts. I won’t pretend to understand it all, especially on just one reading, but I often feel compelled to say that you are way too hard on yourself. I hope you understand what I mean ❤


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