I Have Known

i witness the effusive sentiments
of unabashed hearts
as they stumble over fumbled footsteps
a comfort washes over me
not unlike the sunlit showers satiating spring
to know that others still yet feel
what once was mine to cherish
in such moments there exists contentment
all throughout the senses
similar to the calm which tends the cemetery grounds
such peace only comes from understanding
that the soul continues
far beyond the scope of our perception
though there may be some who feel affronted
by displays of affection
on their sleeve, a lonesomeness cries
long into the night
painting partial images
of all that they have come to know
secretly, i whisper to the skies
of their behalf
for i have felt the ineffable
flourish from within my being
strumming every string
that brings a dormant hope to feel
and though i since have plummeted
into the depths of loss surreal
just to have tasted ambrosia once
is far more than enough
if only it were written
in the annals of eternal truth
that every life be blessed
with the symphony of the love
as for me, the joy that once was
stays my hand on restless nights
when the unforgiving cold
consumes this ruinous face turned frigid
memories arise to lift my spirit into solace
and within that fleeting flash of twilight
i am found

6 Replies to “I Have Known”

  1. The loss stated here seems more like one from breakup than death in my opinion, because I sense a regret that comes more with breakup, like feeling like one didn’t do enough or didn’t do what they ought to at the time they had the other. Am I right?


  2. To be clear, the loss stated here isn’t death exactly, right? Bcos yes we can related it to a death loss, but there’s a twinge of regret I sense from the poem that suits a breakup better… Like regretting that one didn’t do better to let the other stay, or blaming oneself for leaving even when they are not at fault.


  3. Knowing we are capable of loving fully and completely once is a good indicator that we are capable of doing it again. You have so much love in your heart to give– I believe it will be met with loving kindness in return.


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