Fade Into the Sun

what is there to do
when all that you knew
is no longer

with nothing there
to fill the chasm
chaos left behind

when every word returns
back to its bitter home

where only fools who feel
will find the strength
to carry on

years have fallen wayward
to the tune of time’s duress
shaping us into these forms
of unfamiliar wresting

once, we walked as one
along the open road
to freedom

now, through one another’s wounds
we bleed into remorse

you turned away
and shunned our reign
of squander

leaving me
to wander
through this world
without ward

every ounce of dignity
has seeped into contrition

confined unto this bed
of frozen tears

amid lost expression
linger words
aloof with languor

by the fate of truth
we fade
into the sun


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